Art 4 You Artist Gail Clarke

Having had a busy working life, six years in the WRNS and many more as a Dental Hygienist, I reached the age of forty before I had the chance to pursue my interest in Art.

I started with a beginner’s course, night school and finally a wonderful and generous artist Mike James tutored me and encouraged me to go to College.

I completed an Access course at Ware College in Hertfordshire.

My partner and I moved to Clevedon in Somerset where I took a studio at the Clevedon Craft Centre for eight years.

A few years ago I moved my studio to our home and have since been working from there.

Having retired from a long career in Dentistry I am about to embark on a three year full-time Art Degree course working at the amazing Art campus at Weston-super-Mare University. I am very thrilled and hoping to live up to the challenge.

I work in Acrylics, mixed media and in Digital Art, enjoying both and exploring possibilities.

Please look at the Galleries and they will give you an idea of my work.

I have exhibited in various places around the country, lucky to be selected for the RWA and pleased to say that some work has found it’s way into the USA and Spain.

My work is about the joy in colour, nature and the patterns I see in things, I hope you enjoy and it brings a smile to your face.

I have exhibited in Hertfordshire, Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas with some of my work having gone to America.

Interested in my paintings?

If you are interested in any of my paintings please contact me for prices.