News Update May 2018


It seems like spring has been a long time coming this year, however the weather is getting better, and the wild life is going bonkers!!!

I haven’t done much in the way of my own art work as my first year of the Bath spa (CAPS) degree course has been so very busy, I have enjoyed the mental challenge though.

I am learning many new skills, master of none, as yet!!!  Printing, both screen, etching and lino, and learning how to use oil paints, a new medium for me.

So, watch this space.

If anyone is interested, you can still find my blog showing my journey through this degree course on the “ART4YOU” linked Facebook page.

We are, as we do every year, holding an exhibition “ART IN THE BARN” at the WEST BARN (between the Tithe barn and the Craft centre) in BRADFORD ON AVON.

It is FREE, and we open Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29 JULY.

We have between us all an eclectic mix of original and affordable art, ceramics, jewellery, Italian bags and linen clothes.

If you are in the area it’s a delightful spot for a picnic and we are dog friendly.

Because of it’s location there is no WI FI AND LIMITED PHONE SIGNAL, we can only except cash, cheques or BACS.

I am having a hip replacement at the end of June so busy training our Vizsla not to jump up, she is now 14 months and great friends with the Whippets!!!

A totally different dog for us but we are “slowly” making headway!!!

I will update at the end of summer but for any other news click on the Facebook link at the right side of the Website page.